TSA Confiscates Woman's Perfume Bottle Because it Vaguely Resembles a Grenade

Our government has become a mixture of malignancy and stupidity. It’s basically an evil clown. The latest case in point: An Arizona woman says that TSA agents swiped her bottle of Jimmy Choo perfume because it’s sort of shaped like a grenade.


Here’s the bottle.



Fine, it vaguely resembles a grenade in shape. But it very obviously is not a grenade. Lots of things have the same basic shape as a grenade. That does not make them grenades.

Since TSA’s finest need remedial training, here is a grenade.



Grenades typically have a pin, and you cannot see into them. Bottles of perfume typically do not have a pin, and in the case of the one that TSA’s finest confiscated, one can see right through it. It’s clearly not a grenade.

In other news of our government becoming a menace to common sense, some Massachusetts Democrats want to ban e-cigarettes — because they don’t know anything about them.

Just ban all the things, and let the government control everything else.


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