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Don't Bet on Hillary for 2016 Just Yet

Exit strategy:

A Hillary Clinton presidential candidacy looks like a sure thing, with marquee Democratic donors and activists mobilizing for what they see as her inevitable entrance into the 2016 race.

Yet some of Mrs. Clinton’s closest confidants and allies aren’t sold on the idea that she should run. Their cautions add an unpredictable element as Mrs. Clinton weighs whether to seek the presidency again, a decision she says she plans to make later this year.

One of Mrs. Clinton’s top advisers and former aides, Cheryl Mills, believes she should stay out of the contest and has told her as much, according to people familiar with her views. But Sen. Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.) says she encourages Mrs. Clinton to run every chance she gets.

Others close to Mrs. Clinton worry that another campaign would test her stamina as she moves into her late 60s and would revive scandals from Bill Clinton’s White House that could prove personally painful.

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, a longtime friend of the Clintons who has made films for their past campaigns, said she thinks Mrs. Clinton would like to run, and that she would like to see her friend do what makes her happiest.

She added: “I’m not in the political camp; I’m in the friends camp. And the friends camp definitely has concerns about her running.”


As I have stated here many times before, Hillary is an awful candidate and I am not sure why so many Republicans worry about her. She won her first campaign because Rudy Giuliani got cancer. That propelled her to an easy win against a sacrificial lamb of a candidate in her second one. In 2008, she was the overwhelming favorite to win the nomination and the White House, and we know how that turned out.

If we are getting the “concerned friends” blah blah from the always carefully controlled Clinton spin machine, it must mean that even they know the progs are going to keep pressing Elizabeth Warren to run. They want there to be an exit strategy in order to avoid Madame Overrated being embarrassed in another presidential race.

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