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Pfeiffer: Obama Will Be an 'Asset' To Democrats This Fall

White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer made an incredible statement on Meet the Press Sunday. He said that President Barack Obama would be an “asset in every way possible” to Democrats running for re-election this fall.

Tellingly, when host David Gregory first asked whether Obama would be a liability or an asset, Pfeiffer ducked the question. It took a re-direct to get Pfeiffer to say that the president would be an asset — which he quickly qualified “in every way possible” — to Democratic candidates.

Obama’s popularity and job approval rating have never been lower than they are right now. He stands between 38% and about 41% job approval, and a majority — 53% — have seen Obama as dishonest since last November. How much of an asset he can be to any Democrat is not obvious. In fact, Democrats have started publicly running away from him in many races.

The National Republican Congressional Committee reacts to Pfeiffer’s claim with a challenge: Which Democrats will invite Obama to come campaign with them?

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