New Photo Caption Contest: ‘US Capitol Goes Dark Thousands Lose Power’

Credit: BuzzFeed

Credit: BuzzFeed


Last night a wind storm hit the Washington D.C. area and resulted in a power outage at the U.S. Capitol.

Of all the  photos I considered to “capitalize” on this unusual event, the one I chose was from Twitter @ BuzzFeed Storm accompanied by the headline: U.S. Capitol plunged into darkness as power outage hits Washington D.C.


Now, I am not sure if the U.S. Capitol briefly plunging into darkness is of any long-term national or political significance, BUT I AM SURE that loyal caption contest followers will “capture” its appropriate meaning by submitting numerous snarky political explanations.

Here are clips of the story as reported by Yahoo News with the headline I used for our contest:

US Capitol Goes Dark Thousands Lose Power

Washington (AFP) – The US Capitol building and other iconic Washington landmarks briefly went dark as powerful wind gusts also caused tens of thousands of people in the area to lose power.

The Capitol dome, where power was knocked out for about 30 minutes in a rarely seen event, was not the only building affected by the blast of colder air.

The “lose power” phrase in the headline intrigues me for it reflects the real loss of power experienced by our Legislative Branch under the reign of our current president.


Additionally, ‘Capitol Goes Dark’ is a gem of a phrase that just can not be ignored. So I would suggest that contest writers find ways to exploit these phrases and apply them to the current political arena.

Have fun with this one and remember:

“People often believed they were safer in the light, thinking monsters only came out at night. But safety – like light – is a façade.”  ― C.J. RobertsCaptive in the Dark







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