Desmond Tutu, Climate Expert

Noxious gasbag.

South Africa’s peace icon Desmond Tutu on Friday urged the United States to reject Canada’s Keystone XL pipeline, saying the “carbon bomb” would upend the US role fighting climate change.

“The verdict on whether to approve or reject the Keystone XL pipeline could, in just one stroke, confirm or condemn America’s prospects for climate leadership,” said the letter, released by the advocacy group Avaaz.

“This is a US policy decision that will have truly global significance. Keystone has been called the ‘fuse to the biggest carbon bomb on the planet,'” said the letter, timed for the final day of a public comment period on the pipeline.


In a time of turmoil all over the globe, a clergyman most noted for winning the Nobel Peace prize is babbling about the world’s greatest superpower needing to worry about “climate leadership.”

Whatever that is.

Such is the state we find ourselves in as the almost complete detachment from reality ushered in by the Obama era takes hold internationally. Academic feel-good fallacies take precedence over real-world concerns in what begins to seem more and more like a dystopian novel every day. While people are actually in great peril in any number of turmoil-ridden areas, a respected world figure calls a jobs-creating project that almost no one opposes anymore a “carbon bomb,” as if that’s what we need to worry about.

The selective panic that liberals engage in is the most pressing danger facing humanity. Concrete problems are festering and exploding almost daily while they chase after battles with phantoms that they’ve made real inside their diseased hive mind. While they are patting themselves on the back for banning plastic grocery bags, Vladimir Putin is getting his Soviet 2.0 plan rolling.


We might want to look into curbing this.


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