Lamentations of Their Women: UCLA Leftist Throws Wild Tantrum When Anti-Israel Vote Fails

I’ve often seen the literary phrase “lamentations of their women,” but I’ve never actually heard what such a thing sounded like — until today, that is.


In the early morning of February 26, after hours of debate, the UCLA student government rejected a motion to divest their funds from Israel, despite a concerted campaign by anti-Israel activists on campus.

Immediately after the vote, one of the anti-Israel activists on the panel burst into tears and started screaming and whining incomprehensibly, and in general throwing a tantrum worthy of a frustrated two year old. Luckily, the whole meltdown was captured on camera:

Commenters across the internet are saying that this exemplifies how liberals act when they lose. But I think it’s more than just that. This typifies the level of emotional maturity of the millennial generation who have only heard “yes” their entire lives, who have never been criticized, and who have always gotten exactly what they wanted. We are becoming a nation of spoiled children, and when reality smacks these youngsters in the face for the very first time — well, the reaction can be quite troubling or amusing, depending on how much you embrace the schadenfreude.


The two videos on the next page seem appropriate, considering the circumstances:


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