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CMS Honcho Is Really Tired of Talking About's Patheticness, You Guys

I bet she is. Six months on, it’s still a crapfest. If you ran said crapfest, if it was your job to trot to Congress and explain that crapfest, if every time you checked your email there was some guy griping about your crapfest, you’d be tired of talking about it too. When you own crapfests, they’re not fun.


“We certainly have experienced… difficulties, and I can personally relate to the challenges of new systems, relationships with vendors, and charting a course through previously unnavigated waters,” said Ms. [Marilyn] Tavenner, who made her comments during a keynote speech here Thursday at the Health Care Information and Management Systems Society conference.

Noting that the media has covered the health exchanges’ struggles “in so much detail, in so many channels, so often,” Ms. Tavenner said she is “really tired of talking about”

Yet Marilyn Tavenner and Kathleen Sebelius still have their jobs. Millions of more competent Americans are pretty tired of talking about being unemployed in this economy, or having lost their healthcare thanks to Tavenner’s and Sebelius’ stellar work.

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