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VIDEO -- Detroit Mom Uses 'Assault Rifle' to Defend Her Kids from Armed Thugs

Here’s your feel-good Second Amendment story of the day, from WXYZ-TV.

A Detroit family is resting easier today after three armed thugs failed in their attempt to break into the family’s home while the mother and her two young children were inside. The family’s security camera captured the drama.


The video shows that the three young men broke through the front door, and one of them was armed. The mom had grabbed her rifle:


And she fired at the intruders. She did not hit them.

The three fled, but the one carrying a pistol came back in. The mom fired again and he fled.

All three were arrested later. The mom and her children were unharmed, an outcome that would not have been very likely had she not been armed and knew how to operate her rifle.

h/t Capitol City Project

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