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Look at How Much WhatsApp Employees Are Going to Make from the Facebook Sale

Teach your kids to code.

How much will WhatsApp’s employees make in the deal?

We don’t know how that $3 billion will be divided.

We do know the $12 billion in stock and $4 billion in cash will be divided among Whatsapp owners.

Whatsapp employees own a piece of the company.

How much?

Forbes’ Parmy Olson reports: “Early employees are said to have comparatively large equity shares of close to 1%.”

Ready to have your mind blown?

1% of $16 billion is …

… $160 million.


This is the kind of thing that happens in America to people who aren’t constantly told that they’re stuck in one place. It is not, however, the kind of thing that happens to people who trained to only demand a few more dollars in what was always meant to be an entry level job by people who want to keep them politically beholden.

Doug Ross had this nice illustration of the juxtaposition of reality and tired lefty rhetoric.

God bless America.

And remember the thing about teaching your kids to code.

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