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Contrary to the DNC Chairman's Predictions, Democrats Aren't Running On Obamacare

DNC chairman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida predicted that Democrats would be running for their re-election on Obamacare this year. Rep. Joe Garcia, also of Florida, apparently didn’t get the memo. Neither did the House Democrat PAC that’s supporting him.

The PAC is up with an ad defending Miami Rep. Joe Garcia, but it’s not attacking rivals like Republican Carlos Curbelo. Instead, it’s insulating him against claims he’s an Obamacare apologist is an object lesson in how Democrats look like they’re running scared from the Affordable Care Act.

“Joe Garcia is working to fix Obamacare. He voted to let you keep your existing health plan and took the White House to task for the disastrous healthcare website,” the upbeat narrator says.

Read the rest. There’s video at the link.