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Caption Contest Winner: ‘Obama Tweets Pic of Himself Throwing Football on Super Bowl Sunday’

Credit: The White House

Credit: The White House

Thanks to everyone who played along with our latest and extremely successful photo caption contest.  Also, a special thanks to the many PJM readers who joined our contest for the first time. We hope you enjoyed the experience and will consider becoming regular players.


So without further ado, here are the grand prize winners:

First place goes to one of our esteemed “Caption Kings,” RockThisTown for this zinger:

Obama touches a football . . . expect him to win a Nobel Pass Prize

The second grand prize is awarded to a newbie player, SirNapsalot who stayed awake long enough to write:

Obama: “Don’t you know? Super Bowl Sunday IS ALL ABOUT ME!”

Below are all the Honorable Mentions but, just go back to the contest and read all the entries because there were so many winners.

Jaycenr: Hey, can you guys change the camera angle so the circular logo on the field will look like another “halo” for me?

Aharris: I knew I’d be good at this! All the best QBs lead from behind.

Kuce, one of our regular Caption Kings had several great entries:

Thought balloon: This will show Hillary that I’ve got the bigger ball.

Fantasy Football from a Fantasy Administration

Thought balloon: Since the other team has decided not to cooperate with me, I’ll just take my little pen and paper and executive order my win.

Chris Matthews rushed to hospital after another thrill attack.

Thought balloon: Once Boehner sees how manly I am, he’s going to be crying again

And nothing on the Left is ever out of bounds. .

Now we must take a timeout and acknowledge our MVP “cfbleachers” for his uncommonly brilliant entries that are MORE than just captions.


Obama and American politics in a snapshot:

He’s playing a team sport…alone.
He won’t wear the home team’s uniform.
The media is playing with an empty deck.
There are never any witnesses.
And the ball never leaves his hands.

And this too:

Obama has submitted an executive fiat for realignment of the NFL.

The New Corporate Division:
The Corporate Jets
The Corporate Raiders
The Corporate Chiefs 
The Corporate Chargers
The Corporate Giants
The Corporate Titans
Slated for elimination from the league entirely who can no longer bitterly cling to their franchises
The Saints
The Cardinals
The Patriots
The Texans

Here’s another gem from cfbleachersThe reason I know this is an accurate picture, there isn’t a Republican in sight playing defense.

Moving on, one of our regular players Allan Crowson had three winners:

Hillary, from the sidelines: “The Super Bowl is over! What difference at this point does it make?”

“Hey, I thought you said we could keep moving those goal posts!”

“Fortunately, my college stats are all sealed.”

Then we have two more from our Grand Prize winner RockThisTown:

“If the rest of my team won’t act to solve problems, I’ve got a football & I’ve got an arm.”

Naturally, Obama is in front of the ‘Media Deck’ – the only stadium section that’ll give this so-called pass a pass.


Finally, Chris Henderson our reigning Caption King read Obama’s mind: Obama: “I made a home run!”

(However, RockThisTown might have just dethroned Henderson after this contest.)

So let the battle of the Caption Kings continue….


During our last contest I mentioned that I was going to be attending the National Prayer Breakfast on February 6 in Washington D.C. and was hoping to take a photo worthy of our next contest. HOWEVER, that was difficult because photos were not allowed in the ballroom with Our Beloved Leader. But, I did manage to take a few before being wrestled to the ground by S.S. agents.

So here is the best one and if you want to write some captions you may — but this is NOT an official contest.


Credit: Myra Adams from where she was sitting.

 See you all next time a photo is worthy of a PJM photo caption contest and OBVIOUSLY NOT THIS ONE.




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