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'We cannot be a part of taking life' -- Hobby Lobby Owners Speak Out on Obamacare Mandate

The Green family, founders and owners of the 500-store Hobby Lobby chain, speak out about their ongoing fight against the Obamacare abortifacient mandate in the video below. The family objects to the Obamacare mandate that they provide insurance that pays for 4 of the 20 forms of contraception covered in the law. In other words, they have no problem with contraception itself or 16 of the types mandated in the law, but the Obama government is forcing them to violate their consciences and forcing a lengthy court battle to enforce the full mandate on them. The same government has exempted thousands of companies and unions from other Obamacare mandates. The question here is not and never has been about “access” to contraception. The Greens object to those four forms of contraception because they terminate life.

Mainstream media journalists like Aaron Blake may be shocked to see that there are several women in the video who help manage the Hobby Lobby chain, and who oppose the mandate. They don’t fit the Democrats’ cartoonish and crude “war on women” narrative, so they don’t count as women at all.

h/t NRO