Pope Francis: Internet A Gift From God

Some days, yes.

Pope Francis today described the internet as a “gift from God,” hailing its ability to foster dialogue among disparate groups, though he acknowledged that the speed of social media can make it difficult for users to engage in self-reflection. Francis made the comments in a statement released Thursday, for the Catholic Church’s World Communications Day.

In the statement, the Argentine-born pope said that “unprecedented advances” in technology and digital media have made it easier to engage with people of different religions, thereby “creating a sense of the unity of the human family.” Using the web to communicate with various groups, he added, could help resolve religious, economic, or political differences.


The Holy Father is right about the potential but we all know it is doing anything but resolving political differences here in the US. I blame that largely on feelings, which everyone has too many of lately and I don’t believe have a place in politics, especially if you’re going to be an activist.

Note that the article just can’t help but try to make the pontiff controversial:

Francis, 77, has proven to be a divisive figure among some conservative Catholics, who have taken issue with his statements on atheism and homosexuality. In the address published today, he called for Catholics to engage in more inter-religious dialogue, saying that doing so “does not mean renouncing our own ideas and traditions, but the claim that they alone are valid or absolute.”

What the media doesn’t understand is that we Catholics aren’t forming our opinions of this pope based on their wishful thinking reporting. The above statement is largely bunk (I’m sure there are some who are disgruntled because every crowd has whiners. Again…feelings.)



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