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Liberal Sally Kohn Asks a Stupid Question

You’ve probably seen leftist Sally Kohn on Fox. She unfailingly defends whatever Democrats do.

Today, she posed a question on Twitter.


First rebuttal, which I asked her on Twitter and which she has not answered: How many conservatives vote in the Oscars?

I’d venture that there aren’t many conservatives involved in the Oscars. Some, but not many.

Here in Texas, we favor hunting parties over Oscar parties.

Second rebuttal: How many conservatives even care about the Oscars?

Again, I’d venture that not many conservatives care much about the Oscars at all. Prestigious though they are, the Oscars and other entertainment awards shows amount to rich people who mostly hate people like me, patting themselves and each other on the back, for their ability to pretend to be someone other than themselves, while they make piles of money and pretend to care about something other than themselves.

Sorry, I’m just not into that.

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