MSM Continues to Go to Cheerleading Practice for Obamacare Every Day

The headline:

State Health Coverage Sign-Ups Paint A Complex Obamacare Picture

OK, this isn’t exactly the “Rah-Rah!” stuff we have been seeing lately but if you look at what they’re reporting it’s obvious that “complex” should have been changed to “disturbing”.


The “successes” are that eighty percent of the Texans who have signed up are eligible for subsidies and the critical 18-34 demographic ticked up to twenty five percent in California (they need that to be 40% for this to work). The rest is a hot mess of failed sites and numbers that are mostly inflated with Medicaid enrollment.

It does say a lot that the headlines are getting less and less optimistic. When the corpse is rotting people can only old their breath so long.



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