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Investors Not as Keen as Politicians on Throwing Money at Green Energy


For the second year in a row, investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects have declined worldwide by 12% to a total of $254 billion in 2013 (from $289 billion in 2012 and $318 billion in 2011), according to the latest numbers from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, which has been tracking comprehensive global investment data since 2004. This total is half the IEA’s estimate that $500 billion a year is needed by 2020 and a quarter of the $1 trillion goal by 2030. Ceres, an organization that mobilizes investors to take action on climate change, calls this the “clean trillion” gap.

You can see from the chart below that the money was flowing in when Team Lightbringer was burning taxpayer dollars on greendoggle schemes faster than a 1960 pickup goes through gas. If The Idiot King hadn’t overreached, there might not have been much to talk about. But he wouldn’t (still doesn’t, actually) shut up about and threw away some hard-earned taxpayer cash at a time when the economy and real Americans were suffering. Then much of it failed spectacularly.

Who wouldn’t be more cautious? Oh yeah, politicians.