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New Caption Contest: What are Bill and Hillary Thinking at VA Governor McAuliffe’s Inauguration?


 Credit: Ricky Carioti / The Washington Post

Credit: Ricky Carioti / The Washington Post


So here is the “Power Couple of the Planet” at the sleaziest person to ever hold the office at their best friend, Terry McAuliffe’s, inauguration as the 72nd Governor of Virginia.

What are Bill and Hillary thinking? For what is Bill praying and about what is Hillary scheming? Most important, what does the second Governor of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson, think about this trio as he is rolling in his grave?

After all, this newly minted Governor of Virginia wrote an autobiography in 2007 called, What a Party! My Life Among Democrats: Presidents, Candidates, Donors, Activists, Alligators, and Other Wild Animals.

Now be nice folks, for Governor McAuliffe might end up looking cleaner in the gift-accepting department than outgoing Governor Bob McDonnell. (Which would not be too difficult.)

As a Virginia property owner, I have a personal stake in how this state is managed, so I wish the new governor well and celebrate Virginia’s law that limits a governor to only one four-year term.

Perhaps Governor McAuliffe will be bored as a lame duck governor and decide to also retake his old job as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC.) From that perch, he could help his old pals Bill and Hill move back their old white painted residence in D.C.

Naw, Governor McAuliffe would not do that. No Virginia governor would ever do such a thing.

Oh wait, Governor Tim Kaine, now Senator Kaine, already did that when he served as Virginia Governor from January, 2006 – January, 2010. During part of his term, Kaine handled both jobs concurrently, serving as DNC Chairman from January, 2009 – April, 2011.

And to quote a phrase from Terry McAuliffe, “what a party!”

Speaking of parties, in November of 2003, then DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe was attending one of those glitzy D.C. black-tie affairs where one would expect to find someone like Terry McAuliffe.

As I spotted McAuliffe in the crowd, a girlfriend standing next to me asked if I would like to meet McAuliffe since he was a friend of hers. Now remember, back in November of 2003, Vermont Governor Howard Dean was the frontrunner on track to win the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination. However, I believed Dean would be an easy candidate for President Bush to defeat.

So we sauntered over to where McAuliffe was standing and my friend introduces us. Then I proceeded to tell Chairman McAuliffe how much I adored Howard Dean and hoped that Dean would win the nomination in 2004. McAuliffe responded with glee and his eyes lit up with dollar signs, imagining I was a new potential donor — until my friend interrupted the conversation saying, “Terry, Myra is a Republican and she is only pulling your leg.”

That conversation ended as abruptly as our new caption contest shall begin.