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Jailed Palestinian Terrorists Reproducing Through Smuggled Sperm

Palestinians are celebrating the spawn of a confessed terrorist after another case of alleged sperm smuggling, but the first such birth in Gaza:

The procedure follows several similar cases last year in the West Bank, and Palestinians view such births as an act of defiance against Israel’s jail policies.

“I am tired and very, very happy,” said mother Hana al-Za’anin, her voice weak, hours after delivering baby al-Hassan.

Speaking from a hospital bed in Gaza City, she told Reuters Israel had banned her from visiting her husband since his arrest in 2006, citing unspecified “security reasons.”

…Al-Za’anin declined to say how the sperm was conveyed out of prison, but said its journey to a medical lab in Gaza, where two specialists were waiting for it, took around six hours.

“Today a hero was born to a hero,” the prisoner’s 22-year-old brother Tareq, a hairdresser, said with a laugh.

Tamer al-Za’anin, a member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad and an al-Quds Brigades volunteer, pleaded guilty to four counts of accessory to attempted murder after his terror cell fired rockets on civilians in Sderot and fired missiles on and planted IEDs for IDF vehicles.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad is designated as a foreign terrorist organization.

Al-Arabiya reports “the insemination of prisoners’ wives led to six pregnancies in the occupied West Bank in 2013, as clinics have become more advanced, community awareness has increased and religious clerics are blessing the practice.”