Obama's Glaring, Crippling Contradictions

The official unemployment rate stands at about 7.2%, with the unofficial estimate much higher than that. The Obama administration has spent the past few years claiming that the economy is in “recovery” or on the rebound, poised for strong growth, all that. Remember the “summer of recovery”? The economy doesn’t.


But President Obama’s major effort right now is to extend unemployment benefits for about a million chronically unemployed.

If the economy is poised for a rebound, ready to roll with strong growth, then why are there chronically unemployed people at all? Why is it necessary to extend their already long two-year benefits farther? President Obama said today that these Americans are out there looking for work. Why, in his recovering economy, do they need more unemployment payments?

The Obama administration spent the last campaign assuring Americans that “al Qaeda is on the run.” That the terrorist army has been defeated or is on its way to defeat, it’s a spent force, etc.

Yet at the same time, the National Security Agency was turning its omnipresent gaze on the American people more and more every day. It has been scooping up our metadata, scoping on our online lives, invading our privacy with unprecedented technology in unprecedented ways.

But if al Qaeda, the enemy we are supposedly using the NSA to protect ourselves against,  is truly “on the run,” then why was the NSA spying on us?

Upon returning from his lavish vacation in Hawaii, President Obama said the following about Republicans: “Just a few days after Christmas, more than one million of our fellow Americans lost a vital economic lifeline – the temporary insurance that helps folks make ends meet while they look for a job. Republicans in Congress went home for the holidays and let that lifeline expire…”


Republicans may have “gone home for the holidays,” but Barack Obama jetted off to the beach at taxpayer expense at the same time. That’s better than going home to spend time with family and meet with constituents — i.e., citizens? If what the Republicans did was bad, what Obama himself did was worse. Leaving the First Lady there in Hawaii as a birthday present, which will necessitate sending an empty Air Force One to get her at great taxpayer expense, is somehow Barack’s personal present to Michelle? Only if he believes that he and the state are one and the same.

The media could call Obama on all of his various contradictions in thought and word versus action, but mostly won’t.

It is a fact that one cannot have reasonable negotiations with a man who is so blatant about not meaning a thing that he says. His words say one thing, his actions say something else entirely, and taken together, they leave no room to believe that he will ever do anything that he says he will do. His promises have expiration dates, mainly because he never once intended to fulfill them.


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