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New Caption Contest: Show Off Your Creativity!

Obama approved large


As President Obama heads to Hawaii for an expensive, mostly taxpayer funded, and well-deserved holiday vacation, he can not escape the mess Obamacare has caused — is causing — and will continue to cause throughout the fly over states.

(Speaking of “fly over states,” have you ever seen Jason Aldean’s video of his popular song, Fly Over States?  If not watch it here, but you had better come back to this contest!)

Just in case you are not exactly sure about what our contest image is, or represents — it is a close-up of Obama’s signature on the bill that birthed “Obamacare” on March 23, 2010, a date that will live in semi-infamy.

Now, loyal contest groupies  fans (and newcomers) are tasked with the following holiday fun:

  • Write a sentence or two that fits between the date and Obama’s signature.
  • Submit a caption for the entire image.
  • Write a “thought bubble” for anything that appears on the image.

Based on past experience, I am quite confident this will be a Christmas creativity “contest to remember” in the merriest of seasons.

So go drink some spiked eggnog and get started NOW.

Have fun and please be advised of our holiday-only contest rule: ANYTHING GOES!

HO HO HO  (Half-joking about that rule, please be reasonable folks!)