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Epistemic Closure Shuts the Minds at Reddit, As Algore Cheers

“As a site, reddit is passionately dedicated to free speech.” Except when it’s not.

The gist at Grist: reddit has closed off comment and posting privileges for anyone who doesn’t toe the global warming line. Their censorship has been so effective at shutting off debate that they’re encouraging all newspapers to do the same thing.


The former Vice President of the United States, a man who once took an oath to defend the Constitution with its pesky guarantee of free speech, thinks this closing of minds is a very good thing.

As a privately run site, reddit has the freedom to limit discussion as it sees fit. No one is disputing that. But calling for all newspapers everywhere around the country to toe the same line — especially as the evidence or global warming crumbles, and the implications of imposing the warming crowd’s preferred policies needs to be debated openly — is a bit much to take from people who cast themselves as enlightened, open-minded and tolerant.

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