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Texas Cracks Down on Obamacare 'Navigators'

Obamacare’s navigators are probably the least reported scandal that was built into Obama’s signature law. Democrats set up part of the law to basically keep liberal activists paid between election cycles., through the “navigator” program. Navigators are groups that ostensibly help Americans get health coverage but in many cases they’re really holdovers from the Obama 2012 campaign. Or they’re ACORN-style agitators. Or they’re unvetted groups that hire felons — to handle Americans’ personal information. The navigators are several scandals just waiting to happen.

The state of Texas isn’t satisfied with the ACA’s bare minimum standards for navigators.

The Texas Department of Insurance wants Obamacare “navigators” in the state to pass a 64-page set of standards in order to be licensed to help residents sign up for healthcare coverage.

Texas Insurance Commissioner Juli Rathgeber proposed Tuesday that navigators prove their citizenship or employment eligibility, undergo background checks, and show financial responsibility, reports The Washington Post.

“In Texas, we are being vigilant about safeguarding privacy and keeping personal information out of the wrong hands,” said Rathgeber. “These proposed rules address insufficiencies in federal regulations and make the training and qualifications of navigators in our state more readily apparent to consumers and service providers.”

The proposed rules also would make prospective navigators go through 40 hours of coursework to learn more about the state’s Medicaid and privacy standards and to show proof of training. The state also want to ensure that navigators are not permitted to charge for services or push any specific insurance plans.

Oh, but I love my state.

Texas’ proposed crackdown isn’t a done deal yet, and HHS, which has admitted that felons can get into the program, is unhappy that Texas may join the 15 other states that already require vetting and training above that which HHS already requires.