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Watch the Ad that the NFL Doesn't Want You to See

The National Football League has banned this ad from airing during the Super Bowl.

The NFL’s ad policy for the Super Bowl bans ads for many products including firearms, but that policy allows advertising by companies that sell other products along with firearms. Daniel Defense does sell other products. The ad above doesn’t show a gun. Its theme isn’t guns per se, but about the responsibility to be prepared to defend your loved ones. Responsibility is apparently a forbidden topic now. Watching how many NFL stars lead their lives, the concept should be revived.

The Second Amendment itself isn’t banned by the NFL, and the league has allowed anti-gun ads to run in the past.

The NFL can do what it wants with its product. But potential viewers can respond to what the NFL does. We’re the ones who make the Super Bowl the spectacle that it is. I might spend Super Bowl Sunday brushing up on techniques at a gun range this time around. It’s not like the Cowboys will be playing anyway.