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American Prospect Learns It's Hard to Rally 'Citizens' to Help Illegal Aliens

Unintended comedy at the leftwing American Prospect.



Read the rest of the piece if you want. It’s predictable, part illegal alien sob story, part “those mean Republicans are being mean,” part “woe is me for being a leftist on the fringe who can’t get what I want right now, this minute, because America is bad.” You’ve probably read the same piece, written with slightly different emphases, a million times before.

But let’s just focus on the subhead above: “As this week’s series of demonstrations on the National Mall shows, it’s hard to rally citizens when Congress seems incapable of responding to their needs.”

“Citizens?” I reject the American Prospect’s warped version of reality and substitute the real thing.

There’s quite a flaw on the magazine’s thinking on “comprehensive immigration reform,” aka amnesty for illegal aliens.

By definition, they’re not citizens. A rally for illegal alien rights is almost never going to be a citizens’ rally. Because those who benefit most are not citizens.

Illegal aliens’  interests do not neatly coincided with the interests of most citizens or legal resident aliens. In fact, to a very great extent, illegal aliens’ interests conflict with citizens and legal resident aliens who abide by the law. Illegal aliens take jobs from those legally here, for one thing. They depress wages. They exploit holes in our national security. This is obvious to you and me and probably 90% of the American people. That it is not obvious to the Prospect says quite a bit about them and the anti-citizen movement they’re trying to inflame.