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You Know Who Else is a Victim in the Kennedy Assassination? Dallas.

The Kansas City Star tears into the city of Dallas just in time for the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.

After Kennedy’s assassination, Dallas staggered as media accounts labeled it the “city of hate.” That was hurtful; an act by a deranged individual shouldn’t define a city.

But let’s go ahead and use it to define a city anyway.

In 1963, Dallas was a hotbed for conspiracy theories, contempt for the federal government and insinuations about the president’s loyalties and motives. Half a century later, all of that mistrust and anger has metastasized through the Internet, cable news and other media.

Fifty years ago, Americans were shocked to learn that a group of influential Dallas businessmen had circulated “Wanted for Treason” pamphlets before Kennedy’s arrival. Today, material like that directed at President Barack Obama is abundant.

What does any of that have to do with Lee Harvey Oswald, the 24-year-old Communist who pulled the trigger? Nothing, but it has a lot to do with stifling dissent against Obama. History revolves around him, dontcha know. Even the Kennedy assassination was really all about him.

The city of Dallas had nothing to do with the Kennedy assassination. It was the site, nothing more.

That killing was either an opportunistic act by a lone Communist loser, or it was the conspiracy of the CIA/military-industrial complex/Castro/the KGB/the mob/space aliens/favorite conspiracy du jour.

No matter which version of the assassination you gravitate toward, none of them lead to Dallas as playing any other role than unfortunate host. That role has granted the city decades of smears.

If we’re going to blame cities for presidential assassinations, let’s blame the only city that has been the site for two of them: Washington D.C. Or we could blame Buffalo, NY for the murder of President McKinley. But since he was a Republican killed by an occupier-style anarchist, his blood doesn’t rate.

Wait, that’s two presidents killed by fringe politicos we would define today as on the left. Quick, forget that fact.

Who killed Lincoln? A famous Democrat. Forget that too.

Having grown up around Dallas in the years after the Kennedy assassination, I’ve heard the “city of hate” smear for my entire life. It’s revisionist nonsense the medialeft use to exonerate themselves from the darkest destinations their ideology leads. It gives them license to hate as freely as they want. It lets them escape the fact that a Castro-loving Communist who had very little in common with anyone else in Dallas killed John Kennedy. It lets them use history to hatefully attack their enemies today.

It’s long past time to retire blaming Dallas for what happened that day. Let the 50th anniversary of that terrible day be the time the city of Dallas finally starts to get its reputation back. It’s time to acknowledge that the medialeft have made Dallas a victim of their intolerance and hate.