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What? Obama Tells Supporters that 100 Million Americans have Enrolled in Obamacare

Does President Barack Obama have any idea what is going on around him? Monday evening he held a conference call with his most ardent supporters, Organizing for Action. The conference call was marred by a crashing website, highlighting the crashed website that has come to symbolize the rollout of Obamacare.

During the call, Obama told his supporters that nearly one-third of the entire population of the United States has signed up for Obamacare.

“Most young Americans who don’t currently have health care are going to be able to get health care for less than the cost of their cell phone bill, or cable bill,” Obama said. “And in the first month alone, we’ve seen more than a hundred million Americans already, successfully enroll in the new insurance plans.”

The president’s number is well wide of reality. 100 million have not even visited, let alone enrolled for health insurance there. More than 5 million Americans have lost their health insurance because of Obamacare, while just 26,000 have been able to enroll. has been so dysfunctional since its launch that the administration only promises that it will work for 80% of Americans by the end of November, two months after its launch.

The president continued: “You’ve got a million Americans who’ve completed an application for themselves or their families, and that represents about a million and a half people. And of those million and a half people, you’ve already got a whole bunch of folks who’ve successfully signed up to get coverage, and you’ve got almost 400,000 folks who could gain access to Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. So, effectively in a month, you’ve already got half a million Americans who will likely have the security of health care for the first time, in some cases, in their lives, as soon as January 1st.”