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Five Years Into His Presidency, Barack Obama Discovers that the Federal Government Tends to be Inefficient and Slow

Well, it’s good that our young president is learning. Late, and only after unleashing a tornado on our healthcare, but he’s learning.

Obama told the WSJ’s CEO Council Meeting today that he has learned through the debacle that “The way the federal government does procurement and does IT is generally not very efficient.”

The federal government doesn’t do anything efficiently. Anyone who has ever worked around the federal could’ve told him that.

As the poster boy for Big Government, Barack Obama had the opportunity to come in, recognize the federal government for the slothful, wasteful beast that it is and pitch genuine reforms. He would’ve gotten Republicans on board while also doing the nation a world of good. Win win.

But in order to pitch useful reforms, Obama would have had to recognize inefficiency when he saw it. Having never been CEO of anything before or managed any operation other than his campaigns, he was never equipped to understand what was working in government and what wasn’t. It just wasn’t something his experience had taught him to do.

Obama still isn’t equipped for the job even now. Here’s the second half of his “efficient” quote: “There’s probably no bigger gap between the private sector and the public sector than IT.”

He only thinks that way because IT has burned him on so he has the direct experience of it. Wait until he figures out that the government medical bureaucracies are just as slow and wasteful.