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Until the Bitter End: MSNBC, Mediaite Go With 'Obama Lied, But For Your Own Good'

Last night at 11:00 p.m., MSNBC’s Geoff Cowley posted an article titled: “Millions will lose their old health plans under Obamacare—and most will come out ahead“:

As critics excoriate the administration for misleading the public, here’s a point to bear in mind. The affected consumers aren’t getting ripped off. Most will get more for care their money under the new system than they ever could have hoped for under the old.

Earlier in the day, Mediaite’s “Tommy Christophertweeted the following regarding the woman featured on CBS who had her policy canceled, and who could only find a plan 10 times more expensive as an alternative:

@tommyxtopher The only reason people “like” pre-ACA plans is they know s*** about them. CBS lady thought she had a $50 copay. Nope

That’s two well-trafficked left-leaning outlets committing to perhaps the most obnoxious possible tack in response to the debunking of Obama’s “if you like your plan, you can keep it” lie. This is nothing new for the left in terms of subjectivism — “the ends justify the means, even if we didn’t actually produce the ends” speech has kept many Democrats in office. But the arrogance and dismissal of their readership’s intelligence inherent in this particular stance?

Be aware: they have committed to this ride to their last breath.

(I did give it back to Tommy a bit. Was hard to let that one go.)