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So Washington tells America that President Obama didn’t know about the NSA spying on allied leaders. This begs the question, then what was the spying for, if the president didn’t know about it?

By his own campaignadministration’s telling, Barack Obama may be the most hands-off president in American history.

During the campaign, we learned that Obama didn’t meet with his own economic council. The administration’s excuse: President Obama has a lot on his plate. He’s too busy to meet with people who could recommend job-creation strategies.

But what could be filling the president’s plate? That jobs council, the one Obama barely met with, was shut down after the election.

Barack Obama routinely skips his Daily Intelligence Briefings. So national security isn’t crowing his plate.

Barack Obama didn’t know that the IRS was abusing taxpayers. So domestic tranquility isn’t crowding his plate.

Barack Obama didn’t know about Fast and Furious (even though he really did). So relations with Mexico aren’t crowing his plate.

Barack Obama didn’t know about the security warnings in Benghazi, and didn’t even know that it was a terrorist attack. So the Middle East and terrorism aren’t crowding his plate. Americans still don’t even know what Barack Obama was doing that night. Filling his plate, one supposes.

Barack Obama didn’t know that the Obamacare website was dysfunctional. So his own policy isn’t crowding his plate.

Now we get word that he didn’t know about the NSA’s spying.

So we’ve established that if he and his subordinates are telling the truth after problems arise, Barack Obama isn’t working to improve the economy, he doesn’t know what the agencies that answer to him are doing, he isn’t managing the war, he isn’t securing our borders, and he didn’t even make sure that his signature policy, Obamacare, was ready to roll on its launch date.

We know that Barack Obama watches a lot of sports and has opinions on just about everything sport-related. He plays lots of basketball and golf.

He delivers lots of speeches, but he doesn’t write them.

Other than that and watching ESPN, just what does Barack Obama do all day?

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