Flashback: The National Park Service Produced Pro-Islam Videos

Over at The Blaze, Amy Holmes has a timely reminder regarding the National Park Service and its spending priorities.

Just a couple of weeks before the NPS generated headlines by barrycading a self-sufficient colonial farm, before it shut down privately managed parks that pay into the US Treasury, before it barred aging veterans from visiting war memorials, and before it blocked off unmanned scenic overlooks and exerted its control over the ocean off Florida, the National Park Service spent taxpayer dollars praising Islam.


The videos feature children discussing “their experiences and challenges with negative Muslim stereotypes and assumptions.” The videos also promote Islam as a pioneer and champion of women’s rights.

A spokesman for the project explains that “The videos are part of the park’s ongoing effort to share the story of the women’s rights movement and show that the fights for human and civil rights – including the freedom to worship – are struggles that continue to this day.”

The National Park Service produced no similar videos regarding Christianity or any other religion, opening the NPS up to accusations that it is preferring one religion over another. The American Civil Liberties Union and atheist groups ordinarily complain about any appearance of government siding with any religion, but have remained silent about the National Park Service’s pro-Islam videos.


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