VIDEO -- Utah Restaurant Chain Struggles to Deal with Obamacare Mandates

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The Obama administration insists that there is no widespread evidence — no evidence at all, other than “anecdotal” — that Obamacare is costing people their full-time jobs.


Here’s another anecdotal story, to go along with the many reported previously here and everywhere else, about people who may lose their full-time jobs because of Obamacare. The Obama administration will be sure to ignore it, and liberal apologists will declare that the businesses involved are just “doing it wrong.”

According to ABC 4 in Utah, Apollo Burgers is struggling to figure out how it can deal with the Obamacare mandate that companies with more than 50 employees must provide health care coverage or face a fine. Apollo has about 80 employees. The mandate will cost it about $4,000 per employee per year, which could bankrupt the company.

Apollo is looking at dropping some of its employees below the Obamacare-mandated 30-hour workweek, and then partnering with other area businesses, which are also struggling with the mandate, so that they can share employees while keeping their businesses viable.

Those workers all become part-time, multiple job workers.

Modern day serfs, basically.

What will this do to these formerly full-time workers?


For a start, holding down two part-time jobs is going to take more effort than holding down one full-time job. They will have to juggle work schedules and will end up having to work more hours to keep both jobs going, and to pay for the shiny new Obamacare-mandated insurance. If they have families, they will have less time to spend with those families. Overworked, under-connected people become less informed people, because they have less leisure time they’re willing to devote to investigating issues.

It would be one thing if these effects of Obamacare were accidental. That could be fixed. But they don’t appear to be accidental, and Obama is in no mood to fix what he believes is not broken. The administration believes that Obamacare is doing what it was supposed to do. Unfortunately, they’re right about that.


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