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Poll: Congress Edges Out Miley Cyrus in Approval, But Is Less Popular Than Dog Poop

A new poll out today finds that public opinion of dog poop and hemorrhoids ranks higher than Congress, but at least our legislative branch remains more popular than Miley Cyrus.

Public Policy Polling asked respondents their feelings on where Congress stands in relation to a number of distasteful items, people or institutions, framed in the question, “What do you have a higher opinion of?”.

Jury duty handily beat Congress with an approval rating of 73 percent to Congress’ 18 percent. Witches, the IRS, toenail fungus and Wall Street also triumphed over Congress. Cockroaches edged out the legislative body by 2 percent.

However, hatred of Congress did not trump all things.

Disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) came in at 23 percent compared to 50 percent approval for Congress, with 27 percent not sure. Russian President Vladmir Putin also came in behind Congress.

Congress also triumphed over the ebola virus, heroin, Syria, Charles Manson, Lindsey Lohan, Honey Boo Boo and twerking.

However, mothers-in-law proved to have higher approval than lawmakers, as did zombies, the DMV, hipsters and potholes.

Overall disapproval of the job Congress is doing stood at 86 percent, with just 8 percent approving

Forty-nine percent of survey respondents voted for President Obama while 43 percent cast a vote for Mitt Romney.

Liberals made up 29 percent of the survey pool, 36 percent classified themselves as moderate, and 34 percent as conservative.