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MSMers Milbank and Schieffer Mystified, Repelled by Cruz Rise, But Agree to Smear Him

Take a look at this exchange from Sunday’s Face the Nation. Host Bob Schieffer and Washington Post “journalist” Dana Milbank seem to have conveniently forgotten some pretty recent history.

Schieffer begins, “Talk to me about Ted Cruz. This is really unusual in this town that’s built on seniority, where you have a freshman senator who’s not only emerged as the leader of this in the Senate, but is actually leading the House Republicans, sometimes against their own leader.”

Is Bob unfamiliar with the history of Barack H. Obama, the freshman senator who came out of nowhere to defeat the “inevitable” Hillary Clinton and win the presidency? Or is his forgetfulness born entirely of convenience?

Milbank responds to Schieffer: “And more than that, he’s a complete phony. I met Ted Cruz 15 years ago. He wasn’t some Tea Party guy. He was an ambitious kid working for the Bush campaign, Ivy League debater. And basically what he saw is, ‘Hey, Sarah Palin can do that in 2010. I can ride this Tea Party. I can take it to town, and I can get really famous, really fast.’ He’s absolutely right. He’s a real smart guy. He’s playing this game very well. I feel bad for John Cornyn, who’s a serious man who actually could cut a deal, who’s terrified.”

Milbank bases his entire “Cruz is a phony” smear from meeting him once, 15 years ago? More than a decade before the Tea Party even existed? Long before another freshman senator ever became president?

We’re supposed to take Milbank’s opinion seriously? How do the likes of these two rise to such perches in the national media?