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Republic Saved After CNN Dumps Hillary Doc

RNC Chairman Reince Preibus says at Breitbart:

Today Republicans won a major victory against the mainstream media.

When NBC and CNN announced their plans for pro-Hillary productions, the RNC voted to ban them from presidential primary debates. Conservatives united in calling out their blatant liberal bias and support for Hillary Clinton’s all-but-announced candidacy. Even liberal commentators’ eyes were opened to the network’s partisan actions.

After all that pressure and bad publicity, both CNN and NBC announced they were canceling their productions today.

So CNN dropped a Hillary documentary under a threat that CNN wouldn’t be allowed to participate in primary debates.  Point RNC.

But there is a far bigger issue about presidential debates, and one that will continue to destroy Republican nominees in the fall of 2016 if it isn’t resolved.

Republicans on the Commission for Presidential Debates must stop agreeing to allow left wing journalists conduct the fall debates.

Consider 2012.  The four debates had four moderators in total.  All four were hard left leaning journalists: Jim Lehrer, Martha Raddatz, Bob Shieffer and Candy Crowley.  Crowley was especially poorly behaved.  Her factually inaccurate attack on Mitt Romney helped swing the debate, and the election to Obama by making Romney gun shy to talk about Benghazi – both in the debate and afterwards.

So how do four leftists get picked to moderate Presidential debates?  Why not fight to include balance, or, pull out of the process.

Republicans on the Commission on Presidential Debates agreed to the four in 2012.  That’s right – Obama attended Raddatz’s wedding, and then she was picked to moderate a debate.  Crowley is so far in the tank for the left that Google can’t even disguise her teamwork with Team DNC.

The Republican member later had regrets that Crowley was allowed to serve as moderator, but the damage was already done.

So where is Britt Hume or Megyn Kelly when it comes to the fall Presidential debates?

I appeared on a panel with Breitbart’s Joel Pollack at last years CPAC.  Joel gave some advice Republicans should heed – stop worrying about what the so-called mainstream media does.  Stop giving interviews only to the New York Times.  Utilize the vast emerging new media to push your message, don’t attack or shun it. Go on conservative talk radio.

Otherwise 2012 will repeat.

It’s nice that CNN is no longer going to run a documentary on Hillary that nobody would have seen anyway.  But people will be watching the Presidential debates in 2016.  Republicans simply cannot allow a repeat of the same debate catastrophes of the past.  They have to fight where the action is.  The Commission on Presidential Debates cannot be permitted to stack the deck with Martha Raddataz, and her ilk in 2016.  Who moderates the fall debates has more to do with who becomes President than a Hillary documentary airing on CNN.