No Media Bias But Soros-Backed MMFA Publishes Talking Points For David Gregory's Next Interview

Screenshot 2013-09-20 at 12.45.55 PM

Obviously, I won’t link to this but here are the “suggestions” from MMFA so you can play “No Media Bias Bingo” at home this weekend:


1) Stronger Gun Laws Are Popular

2) The Colorado Recalls Are Not Bellwether Elections

3) Violent Video Games Do Not Cause Mass Shootings

4) Bill Clinton Did Not Disarm The Navy Yard

5) The NRA Is Not An Electoral Powerhouse

6) The NRA Is An Extreme Organization

Number 5 is my personal favorite, as the MSM is forever wailing about the overwhelming power of the NRA, which it seems is responsible for anything pro-Second Amendment.


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