California Democrat Official @AllanBrauer Unleashes Vile Tweets at Cruz Aide Amanda Carpenter (Updated)

Allan Brauer had this to say to conservative and new mom Amanda Carpenter today.


Anticipating that that tweet will get deleted, I’ve ensured that the image above is a screen shot. Indelible pixels.


Who’s Allan Brauer? Oh, just the communications chair of the Democratic Party of Sacramento, California.

This is just funny.

Allan Brauer was elected Communications Chair of the DPSC on June 14, 2012, managing the DPSC’s internal and external communications, including our website, social media accounts, e-mail lists, and press releases.

Really. They couldn’t find someone who wouldn’t hurl a death wish at a newborn?

The party may want to rethink Brauer’s entire portfolio. But being vile Democrats, they’ll probably find a way to promote him.

Update: Allan Brauer needs a psych evaluation. I’m not kidding.

Update: The CA Democratic Party’s response is pathetic, and nearly as vile as Brauer’s original tweets.


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