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So Let Me Get This Straight

While a madman was still on the loose at the Navy Yard in Washington Monday, President Obama had the gall to suggest, again, that the Second Amendment is somehow to blame. He had the gall to go from there into a tirade against Republicans, again while the madman went about his killing less than two miles away. Does it ever occur to Barack Obama to try being a unifying figure once in a while?

It’s clear from the president’s words and body language Monday that the man has anger issues. He also has judgement issues. Who goes ahead with a nasty, partisan attack while everyone is in shock over a mass killing? Obama needs support from the half the country that he consistently berates on issues like Syria, but his own behavior ensures that that won’t happen. He treats us all like we’re less than worthless, just obstacles to whatever he wants to do. Obama would clear us out of politics and public life like so much unwanted furniture if he could. Who wants to work with a guy who just can’t resist insulting you, all the time, every day, on just about every issue?

Today, we’re learning that Navy Yard killer Aaron Alexis had serious mental health issues. He had paranoia. He had a sleep disorder. He heard voices. The VA had been treating him for months. We can’t hospitalize people like him anymore. We can’t even rescind his security clearance without risking a lawsuit that the taxpayers will have to pay for, and creating yet another divisive moment in American life.

The fact is, all we have are divisive moments anymore. Tragedies used to bring out the best in us, but now they mostly bring out the worst. Yesterday was probably the worst day on social media since the last tragedy. You can always count on some idiot politicizing the tragedy without any facts, and you can always count on people typing out strongly worded insults and rashly constructed policy pronouncements rather than just stopping, thinking, praying, and shutting up for a second.

Alexis was what we used to call “crazy,” but we can no longer use that word. Until a guy kills more than a dozen innocent people, anyway.

In the world of Barack Obama, David Frum and Piers Morgan and their ilk, because one violence-obsessed guy went crazy and went on a rampage against people that he knew would be unarmed, because the federal government demands that they be unarmed, the rest of us all over the country should disarm.

If that makes any sense to you, then I’m sorry, but you might be crazy too.