New Caption Contest: The Best Photoshop Ever?

putin horse


“Yes it is,” according to Twitchy users who today are “gasping for breath over what they are dubbing the best photoshop ever.” (If you are unfamiliar with “Twitchy” it is a popular “Twitter curation site” that is owned and run by Michelle Malkin.)


After seeing President Obama photoshopped into an authentic image of a famous New York Times editorial writer (who also doubles as Russian President Vladimir Putin) Twitchy users are posting comments like:

“Aching sides? Achieved!”

“Cried I laughed so hard.”


“LOL! I almost spit out my drink!”

“Is there a Nobel Prize for Photoshop?”

The creative genius behind the Photoshopped image is b_keyser, a USMC veteran from Westminster, MD.

So now that you understand the context, it is your turn to mark the trail with captions or “thought bubbles.”

Knowing this contest has the potential to go “off the rails of the crazy train” (or “fall out of the saddle”) contest rules will be strictly enforced.

So repeat after me, “We promise to be nice and stay classy because the media  is watching even though we do not give a hoot.”

Have fun and cheers to B Keyser, a proud (and obviously brave) USMC veteran who really DOES deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for photoshop.

Or should we just ask that guy on the horse wearing a bike helmet to donate his?



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