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Colorado: Democrats Face Total Recall (Update: Two for Two)

Two Democrat state senators were on the ballot tonight facing recall in Colorado, both for casting votes in favor of more gun control laws.

Both appear to be headed for unemployment. When the Democrats went after Coloradans’ guns, they chose poorly.


Soon to be former Sen. John Morse has already conceded.

As a rule I’m not a fan of using the recall in this way. I didn’t support it when the Democrats and Big Labor used it against Scott Walker in Wisconsin, and I’m not supporting it now. Recalls should be reserved for dealing with serious official misconduct. Elections are for turning people out based on policy.

However, this result should serve as a warning to all the gun-grabbers out there, even if Giron manages to survive. I’m working on a story for tomorrow in which this result will be very relevant. Any party outside the deepest blue states that hitches itself to an anti-gun candidate is bound to create some big problems for itself. A state Democratic party in a red state may be about to do just that.

Update: Book it, done, Giron has been recalled too.