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Forbes: Roger Goodell A Hypocrite For Not Fining Redskins Owner Snyder For Using "Ethnic Slur"

This is happening.

Yet, rather than fine the Washington D.C. team owner, Daniel Snyder, for his use of an ethnic slur and require him to attend the same sensitivity training program as Cooper, Commissioner Goodell instead penned a letter to Congress proclaiming that the team name “Redskins” actually “stands for strength, courage, pride and respect” rather than for the scalps of murdered Native-Americans, as the term has historically been used.

While it is easy to understand why NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is reluctant to tell one of his 32 employers that he must change his team name, the NFL as an organization needs to decide whether it wants to uniformly enter to 21st century and stand up against hate speech, or instead to remain a relic of the American past when both the n-word and the R-word were used without proper rebuke in certain regions of our country.

Political correctness isn’t a ‘sometimes’ option, and as the son of a U.S. Senator, Commissioner Goodell should understand that as well as anyone.

Standing up against Riley Cooper’s use of the n-word, in a bubble, is admirable.

However, any criticism of players for using hate speech runs hollow until Commissioner Goodell also takes a stand against NFL owners that use racially insensitive epithets and imagery as part of their team’s trade dress.


I don’t want to get too deep in the weeds on equating the n-word with the R-word, which is problematic on its own. I will, however, say that advocating for political correctness across the board is dangerous.

In fact, it is political correctness that still allow the Nidal Hasans & Tsarnaevs of the world to kill American citizens. We’re so afraid to offend that we avoid the obvious.

So, make the case that you find this particular word offensive but don’t advocate for political correctness being an “always option”, because it’s killing people.

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