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Carville: I Blame Bush

You could say this was laughably predictable, except there’s not much funny about it, and Democrats who are going to use the former president as an excuse to explain why Congress is reluctant to go to war against Syria are apparently oblivious to the ridiculousness of their finger pointing.

Bill O’Reilly seemed incredulous when James Carville blamed the hesitation by Congress to back the president on Bush and the Iraq War:

BILL O’REILLY: I think you’ve got to take emotion out of the equation. I see a lot of that emotion. I mean, Barbara Boxer, for example, would never support an action against Syria if Mitt Romney were president. Never in a million years. The only reason she is doing it is to help Obama.

On the other side, you have Republicans — Ronald Reagan, if he were president, would get Assad like that. He would. He would get Assad. And you would have most conservatives line up against — for Ronald Reagan, in support of Ronald Reagan. But the element here, Carville, is that many people think that Barack Obama is incompetent and he can’t — he can’t do this.

JAMES CARVILLE: Well, I will definitely — he’s handled the Middle East pretty well so far. Bin Laden —

O’REILLY: Really? You really think so.

CARVILLE: Yeah. We have had revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, all across the place. Again.

O’REILLY: Libya a mess. Iran is defiant.

CARVILLE: Come on, look. When is all of this — when was it not? I mean, Gaddafi is gone. It is a mess, I agree with that. But, you know what, it’s a mess and we haven’t lost any kids over there which says something and —

O’REILLY: I’m not sure that’s a litmus test, it doesn’t seem to be any clear vision on the part of President Obama. He doesn’t have — ‘here is what I want.’ He doesn’t have that.

CARVILLE: You know, what I would say and maybe a little bit of a different view here. I think what really is freaking people out is the incompetence of the Bush administration in Iraq.

O’REILLY: You’re going to blame Bush?

CARVILLE: Of course, the Iraq thing is why people have so much trepidation about going into Syria. They said the last time we went over there, look what happened. I really think this has something to do with it.

Yes, Carville is really trying to equate 150,000 ground troops going to war in Iraq with lobbing a few cruise missiles into Syria and bombing a couple of airfields. Carville didn’t mention that some of the war hawks are going to vote against the resolution because it doesn’t go far enough in trying to overthrow the dictator. And as O’Reilly points out, there are a lot of liberals who would normally vote against military action who are actually supporting Obama. I suppose that’s Bush’s fault too.

Someone should tell Carville and the Democrats that the election has been over almost a year and George Bush has been retired for 4 years. It’s time to start acting like adults and take responsibility for your actions and not blame someone who hasn’t been in office for years for your failures.