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New Photo Caption Contest: Are They Just Mullahing Around or is WWIII About To Begin?



The subject of our latest photo caption contest is from today’s Drudge Report with these two headlines:

 War Drums: Iran Threatens Israel

First Victim of Strike’ on Syria

Now since there is a good chance that WWIII could be raging by this weekend, let’s have a little pre-war fun with some creative captions and “thought bubbles” at the expense of these cute, cuddly, Iranian Mullahs who are obviously mulling over Miley Cyrus’s latest dance moves.

Since this contest is nothing but a bunch of mull-ah-kee, our normal “be nice and stay classy” caption rules have been suspended. (But remember this is still a “family contest.”)

However, given the serious nature of the Syrian crisis at least we are comforted knowing that Barack Obama is Commander in Chief, Chuck Hagel is Secretary of Defense, and John Kerry is Secretary of State.

With two aging Vietnam veterans and a former community organizer at the helm, what could possibly go wrong?