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If You Work at Forever 21, Obamacare has Made You Forever Part-Time

Ah, youth.

The predictions and fears of the Affordable Care Act’s adversaries have begun to materialize, specifically fears that the law will encourage employers to demote their employees to part-time positions in order to evade federal health care requirements. Popular clothing company Forever 21 is the first of what might be many companies to limit its non-management workers’ hours to 29.5 a week, just below the 30-hour minimum that the ACA deems full-time work.

Explaining that the company “recently audited its staffing levels, staffing needs, and payroll in conjunction with reviewing its overall operating budget,” Associate Director of Human Resources Carla Macias informed employees that effective August 31, they will no longer be full-time employees of Forever 21.

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It is a move that will likely harm the reputation of the company, will absolutely harm the economic circumstances of its employees, and will function as a tangible example of the Affordable Care Act’s consequences and shortcomings.

If nothing else, this should teach some of Obama’s young supporters that nothing in life is free. Well, for the most part. Unfortunately many of them will just blame “corporate America” and insist on more government power. Learning is hard.

A true-blue liberal’s response is likely to be some variation on “Forever 21 is just doing it wrong!” The government is never the one that’s doing it wrong.