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Orange Shirt 'Pro-Choice' Fascists Antagonize Austin's Summermoon Coffee Shop for Making a Choice

NARAL, the big abortion lobbying and pestering propaganda group, wanted a donation for a silent auction. Austin, TX, coffee shop Summermoon declined to donate.

Note: They declined to donate to an allegedly pro-choice group. Which, last time I checked, is their choice to make. Since the donation would come from their property, and all.

For exercising their choice, NARAL and the thugs at Burnt Orange Report — Texas’ leftwing moonbat blog — are naming and shaming them as  — get this —


For making a choice that the pro-abortionists disagree with, they’re “anti-choice.”

One could be forgiven for wondering whether choice is really, at the end of the day, what NARAL, the BORs and their supporters are really all about.

If these hippie twits had the requisite brain cells to understand irony, their heads would explode.

But they don’t. So the allegedly pro-choice fascists are trying to intimidate the coffee shop out of making the choice that they freely made.

The thugs left so many nasty comments on Summermoon’s website that as of now, it’s offline.

They’re also beating up on Summermoon on the shop’s Facebook page.

As for me, next time I’m in the area, it’s Summermoon for me.