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Five Biggest Internal MSNBC Concerns About Potential Alec Baldwin Show

So…this might happen.

We have our own sources (it’s amazing what some cold Taco Bell takeout and a couple of Vicodin will get you at MSNBC) and have obtained an internal memo detailing some of the primary concerns voiced by a few of the higher-ups at the network.


1) We JUST finished paying off trauma counseling for interns from the Olbermann era.

2) Can’t justify it as a diversity hiring just because he looks ethnic standing between Matthews and O’Donnell.

3) CNN might hire a Wayans brother in response just to mess with us.

4) Mika. Just because she’s an annoying twit.

5) Sharpton feels threatened, becomes incapable of doing anything but running naked through the halls screaming “BEETLEJUICE WE MUCH!”

Seriously, MSNBC, there’s another Huntsman daughter or two floating around out there somewhere. And they haven’t publicly threatened to kill a gay man in the past couple of months. Or ever.