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Juan Williams Unloads on Jackson, Sharpton and the Media: 'They needed to make Zimmerman white.'

“They failed to prove anything,” Fox News contributor and columnist Juan Williams told Andrea Tantaros on her radio show today. Williams said that George Zimmerman was acquitted because the case that the state of Florida put on against him was weak.

After noting that Trayvon Martin’s family probably feels like there has been no justice in the loss of their son, Williams went on to blast away at Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for their involvement in the controversies before the trial and the reaction afterward.

“When you see Sharpton and Jackson and that kind get involved here, you would hope that they were giving vent to people who feel frustrated over the verdict. You were hoping that they were saying, you know what, ‘This is the system. This time it didn’t work in the way that we like. But this is the American system,'” Williams said, noting that from the beginning Trayvon Martin’s parents simply wanted to get a trial. The family through its lawyers have acknowledged that they got the trial that they wanted.

It’s Sharpton, Jackson, and the media who continue stoking controversy. “Somehow Sharpton and Jackson refuse to live with [the verdict], and that’s my problem,” Williams said.

“It’s the media that tried to impose a racial form on this…because that’s the narrative they wanted,” Williams said, “which was a white man shooting a black kid for no reason and it’s the evil white man and the good black kid” despite the facts and despite the fact that anyone of any race can have “racial attitudes.”

“The media had to make [Zimmerman] white, that’s what they wanted to do,” Williams said. Williams noted that NBC News falsely edited Zimmerman’s 911 call to make him sound racist, and the New York Times dubbed him a “white Hispanic” to insert black-white racial relations into the story.

“This goes on and on with the media, again, trying to create a civil rights story from the 1950s or 40s when it’s not that,” Williams said.

Tantaros asked Williams how much President Obama, who weighed in on the case by saying that if he had a son “he would look like Trayvon,” listens to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

“I think he listens to Sharpton a little bit, I think he and Jackson have a long history of animosity, they don’t like each other,” Williams replied. “I think that [Obama] has a sense of not ever wanting to turn his back on the black community, and then it’s a self-imposed pressure that he feels that he’s got to, once in a while, show that he is black.” Williams added that Obama “tripped over his own feet” in the Prof. Henry Louis Gates case, in which the president declared that the Boston police officers “acted stupidly.”

Williams called on everyone to “respect the verdict” in the Zimmerman trial.

Tantaros asked Williams where the Hispanic leaders, La Raza and Eva Longoria and George Lopez and others, have been while Zimmerman faced trial and accusations of racism. Zimmerman’s father is white, his mother is Peruvian.

“Because the media is so crazy on this topic,” Williams said, “you know, you just have to stop and shake your head. I just don’t understand, they think that somebody who is Hispanic or Asian or Native American, doesn’t have attitudes about race, about white people, about black people, about their own race? Guess what. You just watch American media, you see that there’s all kinds of racial imagery and stereotypes and caricatures out there. But they needed to make Zimmerman white and I thought that was just offensive.”

Tantaros asked Williams again, where is the Hispanic community to defend Zimmerman?

“It’s all about pursuing long-ago and in my opinion grievances that have been expired,” Williams said. “They pursue the old narrative, the one that the media tried to force on this case because it makes them into victims, it makes them somehow feel as if they’re entitled to something. It is madness.”

Listen to the entire interview here.

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