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Americans For Prosperity Has ‘Questions’ About Obamacare – Who Doesn’t?

When Obamacare was passed in March of 2010, the entire law was set to become effective by 2014.  On July 8, Americans For Prosperity launched a $1 million dollar ad campaign that focuses on a mother of two, Julie, whose son suffers from seizures.  She asks, “What am I getting in exchange for higher premiums and a smaller paycheck? Can I really trust the folks in Washington with my family’s health care?”

It’s no secret that some in Washington, including some of Obamacare’s supporters, are having serious misgivings about the implementation of this massive federal power grab.  The employer mandate – one of the smallest portions of the bill – had to be pushed back a year until 2015, which could be unconstitutional.  On top of that, the law fails to achieve its primary objective, which is to curb costs.

In a press release, AFP noted that:

The ad is just the latest in AFP’s on-going efforts to repeal and replace the flawed healthcare law. In Virginia, AFP has been the leading critic of expanding Medicaid rolls under the new law.

 “AFP is fully committed to stopping Obamacare,” stated AFP Virginia State Director Dave Schwartz. “This television ad coincides with our grassroots efforts to stop a large part of Obamacare in the Commonwealth – Medicaid expansion. Unless the legislative committee stops Medicaid expansion, thousands of families who barely make ends meet will be thrown into a broken system that offers fewer choices and poorer health outcomes. It’s not fair and it’s wrong.”


 Viewers of the new ad are directed to visit, where an online calculator will assess each individual’s risk of suffering painful effects of the new law, and enable them to share their own risk factors.

In conjunction with the TV buy, AFP-VA and other state chapters will be hosting events and meet-ups to further educate and provide information on the negative consequences of ObamaCare.