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Another Report of Awful Behavior by the Pro-Abortion Protesters in Texas

Abby Johnson posted this on Facebook today.

Just to let you know what has been endured down here in Texas. A friend of mine sat down on a bench last night to fix her shoe. As she’s sitting there, 3 abortion supporters walked by her. Two of them SPIT on her and the other one threw his cigarette butt on her. We are in the middle of an extreme spiritual battle, guys. Please keep praying.

Johnson is the Planned Parenthood director who quit the corporation in 2009 after witnessing and taking part in activities that seared her conscience. Since then, she has become an outspoken pro-life advocate. Like many Texas women with whom the Texas Democratic Party emphatically does not stand or speak for, Johnson is in Austin advocating in favor of HB 2.

Spitting on someone can be considered a form of assault under Texas law.

Update: This girl on the left looks to be about 8 years old, maybe 9. Either she has no idea what the sign she’s holding means, or she knows exactly what it means. Neither is comforting to think about.

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This is sick stuff we’re seeing from the anti-bill, pro-abortion side.