Who's Up to Watch ObamaCare Ruin the NFL?

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius hopes pro football will make ObamaCare viable. Instead, association with an unpopular law that lacks democratic legitimacy and is destined to fail may ruin football.


Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Monday she is in talks with the NFL to help promote new insurance options under ObamaCare.

“We’re having active discussions right now with a variety of sports affiliates” about both paid advertising and partnerships to encourage enrollment, Sebelius told reporters.

HHS is reportedly also in talks with the NBA to promote the law.

Partnerships with sports organizations are especially promising to HHS because the department hopes large numbers of young, healthy men will enroll in the law’s new coverage options.

Those young men don’t really need health insurance. To the extent that they’re able, they’re saving up for marriage, for their first house, and maybe for starting a family. If they can even get a job in this economy. Those choices don’t serve the Democrats’ interest of buying votes through healthcare. So our government will try persuading and forcing them to make other choices that serve the Democrats’ political interests.

Sebelius has broken federal law a couple of times in office, and by all rights should be unemployed and facing prosecution.


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