White House Omits Reagan in Its Email Promoting Obama's Berlin Bomb

By all accounts, even Obama’s most loyal fanboys, the president’s speech in Berlin yesterday was a big fat dud. Typical of an Obama speech, it contained not a single memorable line or useful, pro-American policy initiative. It was like watching a geriatric rock band on tour one last time trying to recapture the magic that made them stars.


The White House sent out an email urging Americans to watch Obama’s speech. The email noted the history of American presidents addressing the world from the foot of the Brandenburg Gate. With a notable omission.

President Obama Speaks to the People of Berlin

Nearly 50 years to the day after President John F. Kennedy delivered his historic speech to a city divided by the Cold War, President Obama spoke to the people of Berlin about the deep and enduring bonds between the United States and Germany, and the values we share.

The Brandenburg Gate has long been a symbol of Germany’s progress, and the President spoke from its east side – something that would have been impossible if not for the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

The collapse of the Berlin Wall didn’t happen by itself. It took decades of effort from American leadership in both parties and, military vigilance at home and across the world, at the twilight of the Cold War, a president determined to defend liberty and defeat communism. And on June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan demanded that the Soviets toss their wall onto the ash heap of history.


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Reagan delivered that memorable and world-changing address almost 26 years to the day before Obama delivered his. Obama’s White House airbrushed Reagan’s address from history.

Perhaps Obama’s White House omitted it because it reminds Americans of what a president dedicated to real freedom sounds like. Where Reagan demanded that a totalitarian government tear down its wall and free its people, Obama has begun to build a police state dedicated to preserving his personal power at the expense of the people.


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